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Baby Buzzbait available in two sizes

The 1/8 oz size and the 1/4 oz size are both designed to be very compact. This makes them easy to cast and vertually snag proof.

Brought to you by Lee Bailey, Jr.

The Baby Buzzbait is the ingenuity of retired ELITE series pro, BASSMASTER Champion and 3 Time BASSMASTER Classic qualifier Lee Bailey, Jr.

My precision engineered blade is second to none.

My blade has been designed with the precise cup and pitch to allow it to capture more water. Enabling it to climb to the surface quickly even with the 1/4 oz size.

1/4 oz Size

Our Newest size is just a bit heavier but still features all the same compact designs as our original Baby Buzzbait.

NEW Baby Buzzbait by Lee Bailey Jr     BUY NOW!!!

Baby Buzzbait 1/8 & 1/4 SizesLee Bailey Jr’s best-kept secret is his NEW design for Baby Buzzbait. The bends in the wire body lets the blade ride closer to the head of the bait. This is the most compact custom Buzzbait lure design ever. You can cast the 1/4 oz Baby Buzzbait further. While still using heavy equipment and line so you can get those giants out of the thick stuff. This baits compact design allows you to fish it through the thickest cover. The Baby Buzzbait by Lee Bailey Jr was designed to tame the most matted vegetation without gumming up.

This new compact design is the ingenuity of retired ELITE series pro, BASSMASTER Champion and 3 Time BASSMASTER Classic qualifier, Lee Bailey Jr.  Lee, is one of the Northeast’s most recognized professional Anglers and the designer of Cavitron Buzzbaits.

Custom Buzzbait Lure by Lee Bailey JrThe unique combination of the precision gold anodized Prop, the original head design, and wire bends allows the NEW Baby Buzzbait to tame any matted vegetation with this big fish bait.

The NEW Baby Buzzbait is produced in the USA with the highest quality USA components:

The Baby Buzzbait has premium components and features:
  • Gold Anodized (not painted or plated) scientifically engineered cupped and pitched prop
  • super sharp, set-back, long shank, oversized Mustad hook
  • custom compact design wire bends for more solid hookups and unique compact design
  • strong .035 diameter wire custom design enhances vibration (most other Buzzbaits use less vibrant .051 wire)
  • the original head design snakes through the thickest cover and tames matted vegetation with great ease
  • thin strand custom silicone skirts provide an even more snag proof compact Baby Buzzbait design

For the first time ever Lee has created a 1/4 size Baby Buzzbait using technological advanced concepts. Including a precision cupped and pitched prop like no other. Combine this and the use of 1/8 size components and you have the most compact design ever made. This design cannot be found anywhere.

Thank you for shopping Baby Buzzbait!!

Lee Bailey Jr

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