by 3-time Basmaster Classic Qualifier Lee Bailey Jr

Baby Buzzbait™

The Baby Buzzbait™ is an absolute bass slayer

A Baby Buzzbait™ is extremely effective at covering water.     BUY NOW!!!

Now Available Silver or Gold Blades on both sizes, all colors.

Lee Bailey Jr’s best-kept secret is his design of Baby Buzzbait™. The bends in the wire body lets the blade ride closer to the head of the bait and helps with better hooksets. This is the most compact custom Buzzbait lure design ever. A mere 1.5 x 3.5inches in size. You can cast both sizes of Baby Buzzbait™ farther, while still using heavy equipment and line so you can get those giants out of the thick stuff. This baits compact design allows you to fish it through the thickest cover. The Baby Buzzbait™ by Lee Bailey Jr is designed to tame the most matted vegetation without gumming up.

Baby Buzzbait™ by Lee Bailey Jr the most compact design ever.

Lees compact design (1.5 x 3.5 inches in size) is the ingenuity of retired ELITE series pro, BASSMASTER Champion and 3 Time BASSMASTER Classic qualifier and lure designer.  Lee, has excelled to become one of the Nations most recognized professional Anglers and the designer of the world renowned original “Cavitron Buzzbait.”

Baby Buzzbait™ by Lee Bailey Jr available in both Gold and Silver blades

The unique combination of the precision gold anodized and Silver Prop, the original head design, and wire bends allows the Baby Buzzbait™ to tame any matted vegetation with this big fish bait.

As with all Lees designs, the Baby Buzzbait™ is produced in the USA with the highest quality USA components:


Baby Buzzbait™ by Lee Bailey Jr uses premium USA components:

  • Gold Anodized (not painted or plated) scientifically engineered cupped and pitched prop
  • Silver scientifically engineered cupped and pitched prop
  • super sharp, set-back, long shank, oversized Mustad hook
  • custom compact design (1.5 x 3.5 inches in size) wire bends for more solid hookups and unique compact design
  • strong .035 diameter wire custom design enhances vibration (most other Buzzbaits use less vibrant .051 wire)
  • the original head design snakes through the thickest cover and tames matted vegetation with great ease
  • thin strand custom silicone skirts provide an even more snag proof compact Baby Buzzbait™ design

For the first time ever Lee has created a 1/4 size Baby Buzzbait™ using technological advanced concepts. Including a precision cupped and pitched prop like no other. Combine this and the use of 1/8 size components and you have the most compact design ever made. This design cannot be found anywhere.

Lees Baby Buzzbait was always a great slow retrieve Buzzbait. Back in the 80s when Lee Bailey Jr first started designing the Baby Buzzbait. The 1/8 & 1/4 sizes of Baby Buzzbait features all of Lee’s original design Concepts and some very new ones as well.

Choosing a Baby Buzzbait

One consideration an angler has when choosing a Lees Baby Buzzbait™ is how much disturbance it will make as it’s retrieved across the surface of the water. The precision gold anodized, Silver Props and custom compact .035 wire design gives you extreme vibration. The precise cup of my prop allows for a very unique gurgle when using this elite series Baby Buzzbait™.

Baby Buzzbait™ is known as a big fish bait, especially during the late spring, summer, and fall. Choosing the Baby Buzzbait™ will help put more fish in the boat. The Unique combination of the precision gold anodized, Silver Props, the original head design, and wire bends allows the Baby Buzzbait™ to tame any heavy cover.

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Lee Bailey Jr

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