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Baby Buzzbait and heavy equipment.

October 5, 2018 by lbailey

Baby-Buzzbait and heavy equipmentThe age old question. Can I throw this Baby-Buzzbait and heavy equipment? The answer is absolutely YES! I fish my Baby Buzzbait on a 7′ to 7′-6″ pitching rod. This rod gives me the power I need to get big fish out of the heavy vegetation and structure. A pitching rod will have a fast tip on it allowing for good distance on the cast and a slight hesitation on the hook-set. I will usually match this outfit with a 6:1 or higher gear ratio. Spooled with 20 pound SeaGaur Fluorocarbon and I have the best match up to sling this Baby Buzzbait.

Both the 1/8 and 1/4 size Baby Buzzbait can be cast a long distance. This is because of the unique compact design. They will restrict less air when cast. If you engage the reel and lift the rod tip to about 11:00 just as the buzzbait hits the water they will never sink and stay on the surface at an amazingly slow retrieve. Many anglers take a buzzbait and just haphazardly sling it everywhere. Baby Buzzbait is a compact streamlined lure that can cast a mile. But remember  a long cast that successfully catches a fish will spook all the water between you and where the strike occurred. So try casting to targets nearer you first.

A Baby-Buzzbait and heavy equipment is usually my primary lure when searching for fish. Buzzers can cover a lot of water in a hurry, efficiently and effectively. I designed the Baby Buzzbait series just for that. I wanted a bait that could cast good and be retrieved at a nice slow rate of retrieve. I also wanted a compact smaller profile that would match the size of the prey that most bass would be feeding on.

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