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Baby Buzzbait big bass lure

October 31, 2019 by lbailey

As top water lures go, for many years the Baby Buzzbait big-bass lure has earned the title of a big Bass bait. In my opinion baby buzzbaits are still underrated! Many anglers will tell you that buzzbaits are novelty lures that work during a few specialized situations. They also claim that they really aren’t a strong big bass lure. Well! They are wrong! I will be the first to argue this point with anyone. And I’ll tell you something else; out on the pro tour buzzbaits are something many of the pros as do I use regularly.

Their reputation becomes especially true when the bass are in heavy cover. That being said, heavy cover in this instance means all types of cover. Cover that touches the surface or is close to the surface is best for this Baby Buzzbait compact design. Matted vegetation or clumped grass is extremely hot for catching bass with baby buzzbait.

I have been asked by many anglers when to use the 1/8 oz over the ¼ oz Baby Buzzbait. Well in a lot of situations it doesn’t really matter. However I will choose the 1/8 oz Baby when I am fishing really thick matted grass. The stuff that looks like you could walk on it. The lighter bait comes across the top of this vegetation like no other buzzbait. Now with our compact ¼ oz bait I like to throw it where the grass is a bit more open and scattered especially in stained to clear water. Mostly because I can throw the bait further without spooking the fish with my boat.

Bass do not need to be aggressive to catch them on Baby Buzzbait big-bass lure. Non-aggressive bass are enticed into striking this big bass lure because they are not spooked by a loud noise. Instead this little compact buzzbait comes across the surface with a small gurgle. Cast and retrieve the bait all the way through the cover. Bass can hear it coming toward them from a long distance. This gives them time to set themselves up to strike the buzzbait as it approaches their lair.

Baby Buzzbait big-bass lure

Heavy structure is the primary ingredient to consistent buzzing. Don’t be timid about throwing the baby buzzbait into the heaviest and thickest cover you can find. Concentrate on weeds, logs, rocks, docks, bridge pillars, etc. Bump into as many objects during a single retrieve as possible. This bumping action causes the bait to change it’s speed, noise, and direction just enough to trigger those big bass into striking.

Keep tuned into your buzzbait at all times because the strike will usually come as you bump the object or just as you pass it. Also, try retrieving very slowly so the buzz has a chance to make as much commotion as possible. Many anglers feel that a buzzbait must be fished fast. Let me set the record straight, you will catch more fish on a slow retrieve than that of a fast one. As always let the fish tell you what they want. I have had days when you couldn’t retrieve your buzzbait fast enough. The bass would chase it down and just crush it.

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