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Baby Buzzbait Explosive Action

September 1, 2020 by lbailey
Hands down one of the most fun techniques to catch fish on.

Mirrored tranquility is marred by a minor disturbance on the surface as a topwater lure gradually makes its way towards the angler. Suddenly, the bait disappears in an explosion of white spray. Nothing compares to the heart-pounding excitement of Baby Buzzbait™ Explosive Action fishing for bass.

Action begins as bass come off their beds and settle into their post-spawn routine, the Baby Buzzbait™ bite kicks into high gear. If you have fished a buzzbait before, you know that it is hands down one of the most fun techniques to catch fish on.

Baby Buzzbait Explosive Action

It’s fast. It’s explosive. It’s exciting. So when and where do you fish it?

WHEN Should You Fish a Buzzbait?
  • Start in Early Spring: When bass begin to vacate their spawning beds, it is time to rely on Baby Buzzbait™ to put you on bass. “When I’m catching nothing but small posts-pawners on a tube or spinnerbait, I’ll often tie on a buzzbait and wham, I immediately hook up with some Baby Buzzbait™ Explosive Action. I can’t imagine a more exciting bait to fish. What makes buzzbaits so effective now, is that the noisy lures can goad even finicky bass into Baby Buzzbait Explosive Action.
  • Shad Spawn: Shad are one of the most popular forage species in most lakes and they tend to spawn just after the bass and sometimes even congruently. You’ll find these spawning shad pushed up tight in the mornings and evenings against hard structure like walls, levees and rocks. Run parallel to the structure and throw the Baby Buzzbait™ as tight to it as you can. Bass will think they have an easy trapped meal and hit it off the surface.
  • Summer through Fall – You can catch buzzbait fish all through the summertime, particularly during those cooler low-light conditions when bass are most active. A cloudy day is your best friend during the summer, to keep that Baby Buzzbait™ bite going. However, the fall is really the Baby Buzzbait™ prime time. This is when all the baitfish start schooling up and you see bass chasing them into pockets and shallows. Bass will bust through these schools and break the surface. This is when you need a buzzbait tied on and any time you see those busting fish, toss that bait right through the middle and hold on.
WHERE Should You Fish a Baby Buzzbait™?
  1. Shallow Cover – This is a broad category, but any weedlines, reeds/tules, docks or cover are perfect targets for a buzzbait. Like mentioned above, bass will pin baitfish up against that cover and hide in ambush spots that make it easy to attack. They sense that disturbance coming over their house and many times they can’t resist.
  2. Shade Pockets – Particularly in the summer, shade and clouds are your friend, especially for throwing a buzzbait. Morning and evenings are ideal, but on those days when the sun is high, make sure you look for things like docks, overhanging trees or anywhere with shade. This is where you want to fish your buzzbaits.

A Baby Buzzbait™ should never leave the deck of your boat from late February through November for most parts of the country. It’s an incredibly fun technique, but it can also be an incredibly effective technique for catching those big fish when they’re least expecting it.

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