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Baby Buzzbait Fall Bass

September 8, 2018 by lbailey

Fall is prime Baby Buzzbait time, whether you fish weedy natural lakes or rocky reservoirs. Cooling water moves bass shallow, and they feed aggressively under prime conditions. In fall, prime Baby Buzzbait conditions include both sunny calm conditions and overcast windier times.

As water temperature falls through the 50°F range, weed growth on mid depth flats thins, providing better feeding opportunities for big bass. In clear lakes, a strong buzzbait bite often lasts until waters cool below 50°F. A Baby Buzzbait, with it’s compact design offers a smaller profile. This compact size lures bass to the top better.This is a super strong pattern for the year’s biggest bass.

In reservoirs with a shad prey base, cooling water also brings a strong,­ shallow bite as bass push baitfish schools against vertical banks in the main lake or in feeder creeks. I rely almost exclusively on Baby Buzzbaits through fall and into winter. As the water cools, slow your retrieve rate. Wherever possible, run the Baby Buzzbait into stumps, rocks, or snags to suddenly change the cadence.

Baby Buzzbaits work in water clarities from ultra-clear to muddy, but I feel their odds are best with visibility from 6 inches to 3 feet. Water of intermediate clarity keeps bass relatively shallow, while still providing sufficient visibility for them to track the lure from below.

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