by 3-time Basmaster Classic Qualifier Lee Bailey Jr

Become a Baby Buzzbait™ Seller NOW!

The Next Generation Baby Buzzbait™ for Distributors & Dealers.

Become a Dealer NOWHello, my pricing program is set up for you. To make it more manageable for tackle dealers I only have 5 colors and 2 sizes and two blade colors (Gold & Silver).  I have also set in place a two tier dealer buy in program. You will be able to maximize your profit margins with Baby Buzzbait™. Contact us for additional information about our top-water bait.
Call me (Lee Bailey Jr) direct @ 860.235.9325

The suggested retail price is $6.15 ea.
Dealer: $4.29: This is a basic intro level.

Dealer level requires a buy in of (12) twelve each of size and color that will be a total of 240 pieces (20 dz). The dealer price will be $4.29.

Distributor: $3.69:  Requires a  larger commitment and buy in.

To become a Distributor requires a buy in of (24) twenty four each of size and color that will be a total of 480 pieces (40 dz). The distributor price will be $3.69.

Become a Dealer NOWAll the details about this top-water bait, Baby Buzzbait™, can be found on this website. You can get a full background and info on me Lee Bailey Jr on my personal website.

To become a Baby Buzzbait™ distributor / dealer is as easy as contacting me. We can then work out which plan best fits your needs.

Orders can be placed by:

  1. sending a check made out to me (Lee Bailey Jr) and I will process the order from here.
  2. calling me direct @ 860.235.9325 to place an order with a credit card.
  3. pay directly though PayPal.