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Buzzbaits are a situational tool

August 19, 2020 by lbailey

Buzzbaits a situational tool. Sure, you can haphazardly cast them around the shallows and catch a few fish—but to unleash their full potential, it’s imperative to be aware of their particular advantages. 

  • Efficiency: A Baby Buzzbait™ is extremely effective at covering water quickly, If I’m fishing an unfamiliar body of water, I’ll often use this lure as a search tool. It allows me to easily eliminate dead water, identify the approximate depth of the fish and the type of cover to which they’re relating. Even when they explode on it and miss, they give themselves away and give me an opportunity to make mental notes throughout the day.
  • Reaction strikes: Baby Buzzbait™ causes a bass to swipe at this topwater lure. Because they travel through the strike zone so fast, these lures essentially force the proverbial hand of lethargic bass. They’re hardwired to attack anything that seems to be escaping and a buzzbait takes full advantage of that predatory instinct. So even if they’re not on a major feed, they’ll have a hard time passing on a strategically placed buzzbait. 
  • Unique sound: Bass can get conditioned to hearing the same sounds day after day, Baby Buzzbait™ creates a unique commotion that other topwater lures cannot replicate. That’s a big reason I like to use them around heavy cover. They have a distinctive ability to call bass from several feet away.
buzzbaits a situational tool

To keep a Baby Buzzbait™ on the surface it needs to be in constant motion, meaning once the bait hits the water you have to start reeling immediately and continuously reel until the bait is retrieved. They also create a unique sputtering noise that is hard for bass to ignore. In fact, a bass will often hit one just to shut it up.

As a Baby Buzzbait™ is retrieved, the hook and skirt run just below the water surface, while the propeller cuts across the surface making a sputtering/gurgling sound and surface disruption that entices bass to bite. Buzzbaits come in all different styles, sizes, and colors, but their function is primarily the same.

Buzzbaits a situational tool, one of the biggest advantages Baby Buzzbait™ has over other topwater lures is how much water you can quickly cover with them. These fast moving baits allow you to stay on the move when you’re trying to locate fish and put together a pattern. You can stop on an area and fan cast to just about every spot in a short amount of time, then continue on your pursuit if nothing bites.

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