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Buzzbaits Prime Lure for Flooded Water

January 13, 2019 by lbailey

Flooded water largemouth caught on a Baby Buzzbait.Have you ever had a weekend bass fishing trip in which everything seemed to be coming together as you envisioned it — only to see the beautiful pattern you had pieced together evaporate overnight due to an unforeseen rise in water levels? Next time this happens to you try “buzzbaits prime lure for Flooded Water”.

The major problem in fishing rising water is locating the fish. Rising water pushes bass shallow, and often it moves them quickly. The bass scatter, simply because food is being washed in, and new cover becomes available. They typically don’t stay locked-down to the habitat to which they were relating previously. Let me caution you that in determining a bass’ reaction to rising water, the season has to be taken into consideration.

Don’t freak out

You should nearly always look for the best water quality available. Vegetation helps filter out mud. At the same time, however, you have to look at the cover and what’s available.

Even though bass may become more aggressive during flooding, the fish are moving, and that in itself makes a pattern harder to establish. I concentrate on waters 3 feet or less. The bass will often be spooky and jumpy so long casts are important. Whatever the situation, I must emphasize the importance of finding the clearest water possible.

With so much new habitat in the water, you can’t get caught up trying to fish every single little piece of flooded cover. You have to stay on the move and cover as much water as possible.

Lure choice in flooded conditions depends not only on the type of cover, but also on water clarity. My philosophy is to try to make bass come to me. For me this means fishing “Baby Buzzbaits”, spinnerbaits and jigs. But remember you must have suitable conditions (reasonably clear water).

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