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Fall River Smallmouth Bass

October 13, 2019 by lbailey
Big River Smallmouth Bass

Fall River Smallmouth Bass can be so highly concentrated, catches of a dozen smallies from a spot hardly larger than a bathtub are common. Many times, I’ve gotten strike after strike in a single small spot. Better yet, many of these strikes are larger fish. Why do the big fish hit better? One explanation offered for the larger number of smallies over 15 inches caught in the late season is that the smaller bass’ metabolism slows quicker in cold water than it does for bigger smallmouth. So even though you may be casting through a pod of a dozen small fish and just 5 larger ones, the big boys are the ones still actively feeding.

I caught 22 smallmouths on 22 consecutive casts

Lee Bailey Jr remembers fishing a small local tournament on Lake Lillinonah and finding a deeper water area just below the rapids of the headwaters. I found a bath tube size boulder sitting right on the bottom of the ledge drop. I caught fish all day long casting a small jig just up current of the boulder and allowing the jig to tumble to the boulder. Every time the jig came to the very front of the boulder I would get bit. I weighed in 17lbs of big Fall River Smallmouth Bass to win the event. I counted 22 smallmouths on 22 consecutive casts at one point during that great fall day.

2 Responses to “Fall River Smallmouth Bass”

  1. lbailey says:

    Cool. It is so much fun when it does happen

  2. robert steele says:

    Yes, it happened to me in Lake almanor, limit in 45 minutes.

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