by 3-time Basmaster Classic Qualifier Lee Bailey Jr

Lees Baby Buzzbait™

Lees Baby Buzzbait a great slow retrieve Buzzer.

1/4oz Gold and Silver blade Baby Buzzbait

Lees Baby Buzzbait was always a great slow retrieve Buzzbait. Back in the 80s when Lee Bailey Jr first started designing the Baby Buzzbait. The 1/8 & 1/4 sizes of Baby Buzzbait features all of Lee’s original design Concepts and some very new ones as well.

Why so small? Because the Baby Buzzbait is an absolute bass slayer around vegetation and cover.

“You need a small, light buzzbait to come through grass and pads,” Bailey
explains. “If you’re throwing a standard 1/2-ounce model — or even a 3/8-ounce bait with a frog body — it’s going to bog down when my Baby Buzzbait won’t. A smaller buzzbait also has a very appealing profile. It creates a strong surface disturbance, but it’s not so big that it deters any bass from striking.”

For the first time ever, Lee has created a 1/4 size Buzzbait lure using technologically advanced concepts. Including a precision cupped and pitched prop like no other. Combine this and the use of 1/8 size components, and you have the most compact design ever made.

Underrated extremely effective
Unerratted yet still a Big Bass Lure.

For many years the Buzzbait Has Been Underrated. Many anglers will tell you that buzzbaits are novelty lures that do a few specialized things. They also claim that they really aren’t a strong big fish lure. Well! They are wrong! I will be the first to argue this point with anyone. And I’ll tell you something else; out on the pro tour buzzbait fishing is something many other pros and I use regularly.

A Baby Buzzbait™ is extremely effective at covering water quickly. “If I’m fishing an unfamiliar body of water, I’ll often use the 1/4 oz. size lure as a search tool. Making long casts and making contact with as many objects on the surface of the water as possible in a single retrieve. This approach allows me to easily eliminate dead water, identify the approximate depth of the fish and the type of cover to which they’re relating. Even when they explode on it and miss, they give themselves away and give me an opportunity to make mental notes throughout the day.”

Buzzbaits a situational tool. Sure, you can haphazardly cast them around the shallows and catch a few fish—but to unleash their full potential, it’s imperative to be aware of their particular advantages.

Watch for baitfish movements

When shad transition from deep to shallow in early fall, Lee says the Late Season Baby Buzzbaits bite starts to improve on most lakes and rivers across the country. Their transition is usually spurred along by some environmental changes that anglers anywhere can watch for. The nights are getting longer. The water temperature hasn’t dropped a whole lot, but the nights are getting longer, and there are a few fish starting to get shallow. As that happens, a buzzbait is a good tool to cover water.

Reel Baby Buzzbait™ as slow as you can and still keep it on top. Bass want to eat, and they’re seldom in a mood to chase their food. A slow retrieve also helps them target the bait.

My advice is not to set the hook too quickly. It often takes a second or more for bass to securely grab the lure after they take it under the water. To compensate, use 17-pound-test Fluorocarbon and fish the lure with the rod at the 11 or 12 o’clock position. This forces you to drop the rod tip before setting the hook.

How much disturbance from the Baby Buzzbait

One consideration an angler has when choosing a Lees Baby Buzzbait is how much disturbance it will make as it’s retrieved across the surface of the water. The precision gold anodized, Silver Props and custom compact .035 wire design gives you extreme vibration. With a very unique gurgle when using this elite series Baby Buzzbait.

Baby Buzzbait is known as a big fish bait, especially during the late spring, summer, and fall. Choosing the Baby Buzzbait will help put more fish in the boat. The Unique combination of the precision gold anodized, Silver Props, the original head design, and wire bends allows the Baby Buzzbait to tame any matted vegetation.

The hooks on the Baby Buzzbait are made by Mustad. As expected they are sharp and ready to go. You will not feel the need to use a trailer hook with these baits. The hook rides a little further back and lower in the water. This is due to the bent wire features of the frame. This feature, more than any other single design characteristic, is responsible for the Baby Buzzbaits better than average hook-up ratio.

3 Time BASSMASTER Classic qualifier

The Baby Buzzbait is the ingenuity of retired ELITE series pro, BASSMASTER Champion and 3 Time BASSMASTER Classic qualifier Lee Bailey, Jr. Lee excelled to become one of the Nations most recognized professional Anglers and Lure Designers.

Baby Buzzbait has logged in thousands of dollars in tournament wins since its initial development including a coveted B.A.S.S. Invitational victory.

The Baby Buzzbait has premium USA components and features:
  • Gold Anodized (not painted or plated) scientifically engineered cupped and pitched prop
  • Silver scientifically engineered cupped and pitched prop.
  • set-back, long shank, oversized Mustad hook
  • custom compact design wire bends for more solid hookups and unique compact design
  • strong .035 diameter wire custom enhances vibration (most other buzzbaits use less vibrant .051 wire)
  • the original head design snakes through the thickest cover and tames matted vegetation with great ease
  • thin strand custom silicone skirts provide an even more snag proof compact Baby Buzzbait design