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This Strategies For Bass e-book is the most comprehensive compilation I have ever put together. “I am excited to be able to bring all this information to my many fans and anglers across the country”. With the rapid rate at which the thirst for knowledge about bass behavior, techniques, tips and tricks of the pros. It has made compiling a comprehensive teaching and learning book on bass fishing a formidable challenge.

We’d all rather be fishing, than reading Lees Strategies for Bass e-book or watching television about fishing. Ha, ha! But frankly there is a lot more off-the-water time than on it. The time spent on the water is a precious few, so it’s imperative to maximize that time. To do that, every angler should be a student of his/her passion. Learn everything that can be learned off the water to have more fun on the water.

Strategies For Bass has the most impressive collection of up-to-date information, novice as well as experienced anglers can learn from. Everything you need to know to catch largemouth, smallmouth and spotted bass. Readers will find in-depth coverage of bass biology and behavior, with clear, concise text and more than 50 chapters and photos. Lees Strategies For Bass book shows the very latest innovations in lures and tackle suitable for catching trophy bass.

Cover and structure are many times used interchangeably, but they are not the same. When you get down to it, structure refers to the physical characteristics of the water body, such as points, reefs and islands. Cover, on the other hand, is the add-on features, such as docks, fallen trees and vegetation. A good way to remember the distinction is that if you were to drain all the water from a lake, the structures would not move.

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