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1/4 Baby Buzzbait™ White Baitfish

1/4 Baby Buzzbait White Baitfish topwater lure design shows not any one feature makes the 1/4 Buzzbait great. It's the "total bait package" and attention to every last detail that makes the Baby Buzzbait™ lure so deserving of its reputation as the best compact bait on the market.

NOW AVAILABLE! 1/4oz Baby Buzzbait™ w/Silver Blade

For the first time ever, Lee has created a 1/4 size Buzzbait lure using technologically advanced concepts. Including a precision cupped and pitched prop like no other. Combine this and the use of 1/8 size components, (1.5 x 3.75 inches in size) and you have the most compact design ever made.

One consideration an angler has when choosing a Buzzbait is how much disturbance it will make as it’s retrieved across the surface of the water. The precision gold anodized prop and custom compact .035 wire design gives you extreme vibration. With a very unique gurgle when using this elite series Baby Buzzbait™.

Lets talk about color real quick, our 1/4 Baby Buzzbait White Baitfish is an all year round catch them color. One thing I learned as a BASSMASTER Elite pro was that the Minnows in all lakes spend most of there lives in vegetation and around cover. This makes White Baitfish a prime target (color) for bass throughout the year.

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