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Lake Champlain Bass Fishing 101

Lake Champlain Bass Fishing is a book full of techniques and patterns for fishing Lake Champlain by Pro Fisherman Dale Brown. A complete guide to where and how for the pro or amateur. Lake Champlain is known as the sixth great lake, but in reality, it is the greatest lake in the world for bass fishing. FLW and Bassmaster have shown that Champlain holds all sorts of tournament records.

I have spent the last 30 years Lake Champlain Bass Fishing either for tournaments or summer vacations.In that time I have learned a lot from local tackle shop owners and many fisherman, plus my ownsnooping around

I have written this book, dividing the lake into (7) seven distinct sections.

  • 1. The southern Lake
  • 2. The lower main lake or the broads
  • 3. The area from Port Henry to Burlington
  • 4. Mallets Bay
  • 5.The inland sea
  • 6. Missisqoui Bay
  • 7. Alburg Passage and Carry Bay

Well, the real reason you are considering buying this book is that you wish to find out something about fishing the lake.I guess it is time to get out all the maps, notes and all of my other schematics, that I have drawn over the years, and let the cat out of the bag.

Let's start by saying you always have to remember when you are fishing, the the water flows North into Canada. We tend to hold up a map, with Canada at the top, and make the mistake and assume that everything flows south.

Endorsed by Lee Bailey Jr.

Let me tell you this book helped me when I was touring the Bassmaster Elite series and FLW tours. I was able to break down this giant lake quickly to find the areas that suited my style of fishing. Do to the information in this book I have won a lot of money on Lake Champlain. A must buy for all anglers.


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